This week on The Exploring More Podcast, we continue our captivating series titled "The 4 Assumptions" derived from our weekend events. In this episode, Michael Thompson and SJ Jennings delve into assumption number two: "There is a War." They use metaphors to illustrate the spiritual forces at play, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and engaging in this warfare. The discussion expands to include strategies for navigating these challenges, including insights on how the enemy uses wounded individuals to perpetuate harm, and the significance of equipping oneself to discern and walk with God through such trials. These foundational assumptions underpin Zoweh's commitment to embracing the expansive Gospel fully. By affirming beliefs such as being a Kingdom Man or Woman, acknowledging the reality of spiritual warfare, understanding the availability of restoration, and recognizing God's ongoing communication, Zoweh believes that individuals can experience the profound depth and richness of the Gospel. Join Michael and SJ in this enlightening episode of the Exploring More Podcast as they delve into these concepts, offering practical insights and perspectives on integrating these truths into everyday life.