Being attuned, oriented, and aware, of both the good God is up to in your life, and what the enemy is doing in your life is the heart behind the Dangerous For Good Men’s Summits.  In this Episode of Exploring More Michael Thompson, and SJ Jennings continue the conversation about DFG summits, and what those summits will look like, more heart behind them, and the hopeful result of hosting and/or attending one.   As image bearers, we are called to look like Jesus, who was Dangerous For Good.  This looked like spending time with the Father, being oriented to spiritual warfare, and living out the call of Love.  The Dangerous For Good Men’s Summit is designed to be a catalyst event for the men in your church or community to experience an encounter with God and to begin a journey of orientation and wholeheartedness.  Dive into this episode with Michael, and SJ, to explore more of what God has for DFG in this episode of the Exploring More Podcast.